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An intriguing show of paintings about the life of stars opens Thursday October 30, 2003 at Toronto's A.W.O.L. Gallery

The paintings by emerging artist Arleen McCallum depict the birth of stars, stars in dance & the moods of stars. The works - some showing vibrant colour & energy, others in gauzy, transparent overlays - are abstract in appearance.

McCallum was inspired first by two news items: one featured a Hubble photo of embryo stars and their birth; the other was a report stating that in less than 20 years, people living in large cities will be unable to see the stars above because of pollution.

"I think it is a terrible irony that we have the technology to see stars being born millions of light years away, and yet do not have the will or foresight to use our technology to protect our immediate environment," says McCallum. "Our children may not experience the wonder of a starry night sky. So this is my effort to call attention to the mystery & majesty of the heavens.

This is McCallum's first solo show. Her earlier career of teaching English and Visual Arts is evident in the titles of her paintings many of which are quotes from poets such as Yeats, Shakespeare, and Wallace Stevens, as well as songwriter Cole Porter. The titles reinforce a painting style, which is densely textured and bold, incorporating deep, saturated hues and large rhythmic gestures. McCallum's painting is influenced by British painters, Francis Bacon & Howard Hodgkins, as well as Canadian & American Abstract Expressionists.

A reception from 7:00 to !0:00 will mark the show's October 30 opening, and the artist will be present. The show continues to November 9. The A.W.O.L. Gallery is at 78 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, M6J 2Y7. Gallery hours are Thursday - Saturday 12 - 7 pm; Sunday 12 - 5 pm & by appointment.

### For further information, please contact Arleen McCallum at 416-763-2314

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