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Artist Statement

April 23, 2008

 RedEye Studio Gallery, Toronto



A call for attention ~~ and a challenge to respond.



Many  of the pieces in this show had some struggle or injustice as a starting point. A news item or an historical event or a poem would catch my attention, and I would start working out in paint some expression of my fascination or anger. Some of these pieces use text for emphasis.

Other pieces originated from  travels in Turkey,  where natural forms, architecture, religion and customs were new to me, intriguing and challenging. Most of these pieces are very textural; I manipulated a number of  exotic, unorthodox materials in an effort to highlight aspects of dimension and time. Right now, Turkey -- like many countries -- is facing important  political and social challenges. The concept of ATTENDE is particularly relevant in such places as important cultural qualities and values could easily be lost. 

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