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A call for attention ~~ and a challenge to respond.


Toronto, ON ~ April 23, 2008 ~ The RedEye Studio Gallery presents   ATTENDE,   a provocative selection of recent works by Toronto-based painter Arleen McCallum.

“Many of the pieces in this show had some struggle or injustice as a starting point,” says McCallum. “One originated with the September persecution of demonstrating monks in Myanmar; another laments the death of Hrant Dink who was assassinated in Istanbul last year for being “anti-Turkish.” One small text-based work features a simple four-line poem by Federico Garcia Lorca. Ironically, although the poem is about the death of a bull-fighter, it recalls the sad details of Lorca’s demise and ‘the spirit of Lorca.’”

Generally, McCallum uses both oil and acrylic on canvas and panel; in this series, some of the pieces incorporate text and many involve experiments with unusual materials such as lace, tarlatan, foil and gold leaf. McCallum manipulates these textural and reflective surfaces in an intriguing suggestion of dimension and time. She continues to experiment with large-scale paintings, some in the form of diptychs.

 McCallum’s   travels in Turkey inspired paintings such as “Pamukkale” and “Hamam,” which feature stressed surface textures.  In other pieces she employs unravelling fabrics as metaphor.

One of McCallum’s previous shows featured exuberant works that chronicled the  birth and life of stars and galaxies. But ATTENDE takes viewers along a much different and darker path.  As McCallum explains, “This new work is often raw, angry and down-to- earth. It is literally a call for attention, and a challenge to respond.”

RedEye Studio  Gallery  presents ATTENDE from April  23  to May 11, 2008 with an opening reception Thursday April 24th  from 6 to 8 p.m. RedEye Studio Gallery is located in the Distillery Historic District, Case Goods Warehouse (Building 72), Studio 102. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Sunday noon to 5 p.m..




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