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Teacher turned artist presents solo exhibit in Distillery DistTeacher turned artist presents solo exhibit in Distillery District



May 1, 2008 11:47 AM

After retiring from 33 years of teaching visual arts, Humberside Avenue resident Arleen McCallum finally has time for her own creations.

Since 1999, she has had her own art studio, first on Humbercrest Avenue near Loblaws and now at Parklawn and The Queensway.

For at least five hours a day, she'll indulge in her passion painting to her heart's content, glad to be away from the distractions at home. For the most part, she's an abstract painter- her first exhibition was inspired by stars. Then, McCallum moved on to paint nature inspired pieces.

"I really like erosion, rusted surfaces," she said. "My first studio I had was over train tracks."

She calls her work a real challenge, yet fun. Currently, she's experimenting with a lot of different materials. Her art is currently on display at the Distillery District, until May 11.

Many of these pieces stemmed from a point of struggle.

"A news item or an historical event or a poem would catch my attention and I would start working out in paint some expression of my fascination or anger," McCallum explained. Other pieces originated from her travels in Turkey. Its architecture, religion and customs offered a new source of inspiration.

"Most of these pieces are very textural," said McCallum. "I manipulated a number of unorthodox materials in an effort to highlight aspects of dimension and time."

She's enjoying painting with oils and acrylics on "quite large" canvas.

McCallum learned her craft on the job.

"As a teacher, you're showing the kids sculpture, paint, drawing, art history, the whole gamut. My art training is a lot of courses that teachers give to teachers."

During her years as a student, McCallum attended Swansea Public School and Humberside Collegiate Institute. She has held several art shows in the area. Attende at the Distillery District is her third solo exhibit. Her exhibit can be seen at 55 Mill Street in the Case Goods Warehouse, Building 72, Studio 102.

For further details, visit www.arleenmccallum.ca.


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